SlangA.I.R. is proud to present:

“What the Palm tree knows…”

Saturday Nov 12, 2011


paintings by Carlitos “Brillante” Madrigal

music performance  by Chicago artist Conrad Feinburg

Window project by graffiti artist Ana Sosa A.K.A “Femi Illest”

“What the Palm Tree Knows” is local artist/musician Carlitos “Brillante” Madrigal   first solo show featuring paintings on palm trees inspired by a personal narrative.  His paintings work as sculptural pieces in which he captures the emblematic portraits of people in his neighborhood and landscapes taken from Mexican and American history books.

Live Performance by Chicago artists/musician Conrad Feinsburg who was Raised in Quincy IL, on the Mississippian artery of music, Conrad blends a traditional folk sound with experimental and improvisational music. His music is rooted in internal processes of examination and external processes of exploration. For the Launch of his tour he will be setting up the Pod of Absence and playing selections from his new album “The Undecagon”

Ana Sosa “Femi Illest” is a teen Graffiti artist from East Los Angeles.

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