SlangAir 2011 artists from Puerto Rico

Christopher Rivera and Radames “Juni” Figueroa

will be in residency  and do an exhibition titled, “War Spectacle: The Last Paradise “

Saturday April 23, 2011

Panel Discussion: 5-7pm

Opening Reception:  7pm-10pm

According to the artists, the show examines the underground music Scene (punk, garage, post-punk, hiphop, goth, etc.) has been characterized as a space where multiple aspects of artistic innovation are explored. Starting in the 60’s, it’s history is multi-generational, and although it has undergone a great deal of transformations it is today, still, extremely active. Design, music, performance, propaganda, meeting space and attire are a few of the aspects that compose the Scene’s alternative social network and visual culture.  Christopher and Juni  met inside the  music Scene as a parting point for this project. Their project proposal consists in producing a small, underground, musical event based on LA’s Scene.  Click here to view a video of an interview with Christopher about a recent project.

Below Radames “Juni” Figueroa at work. YouTube Preview Image

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