Last month’s ” Pico Union Tour” was the first of a series of monthly walking tours we started doing here at Slangauge.  The concept behind this was to learn more of the facts and history about the city we grew up in. The days of stereotypical foreign ” tourists” are over! we as native Angelinos should be the first to know everything about our beautiful city. Unless you are a historian or history buff the average person might not necessary be aware of some of the history that surrounds us.  This past Sunday we did our Boyle Heights walking tour. We not only chose historical landmarks to explain but also added many other fun and interesting stops typical tours might not include.  Analilia Jimenez and myself were the guides for this tour it  consisted of 25 stops or mentions each with history and commentary. Karla Diaz and Erick Huerta also gave us stories and insider perspectives on certain locations.

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Tour Line-up

  • First Street Viaduct and LA River
  • El Pato Factory (description and history) seen from bridge
  • Los Angeles County Jail: Twin Towers and Men’s Central
  • Graffiti Spotlight: Blah HOF, VDS, CULT
  • Graffiti Spotlight: Sand one “Sand Chicks” on trash cans. A 19 year old female artist from East LA read more about her on LA
  • Graffiti Spotlight: Soup and Lousy Metro spot
  • Purgatory Pizza with Graffiti spotlight mural on the side PDB crew
  • Aliso Village Housing Projects
  • Mariachi Plaza/ Lucha Reyes/ Boyle Hotel
  • Eastside Luv
  • Food Spot: Apache’s Carnes Al Carbon
  • Food Spot:  Birreria Jalisco history
  • Food Spot: La Serrenata restaurant
  • Primera Taza
  • Jims Burgers
  • Original Homeboy Industries Location/ Mural
  • Hollenback Park History
  • Corazon Del Pueblo Gallery
  • Graffiti Spotlight: Timoi and Sand characters 7th letter and Ska production
  • Al and Bea’s Mexican Food
  • Ross Valencia Park
  • Matazlan Market Mural
  • Cortina bars 1 and 2
  • Gold-line
  • Tamales Liliana
  • Evergreen Cemetery
  • El Mercadito

Here are some photos from the tour

Guide Analilia Jimenez


Soup, Lousy Spotlight

Found this rock at Pepe’s Thrift Shop

Corazon Del Pueblo

Ms. Sand One

We love cortina bars!

Last stop ended with El Mercadito and Lunch at La Perla which is a restaurant on the third floor.

For fun we took prom style pictures at the Virgen De Guadalupe Altar outside the Mercadito.

In order to make sure everybody paid attention we had a pop quiz at the end of the tour on the history of El Pato Factory the winner won a nice can of El Pato tomato sauce   and El Pato Jalapeno Salsa!

Our winner Mario Ybarra Jr!

We are already planning our next tour which might be Korea Town or South Central Slauson area. Keep posted to the blog for updates and if anybody would like to suggest ideas for future tours please contact us at

See you on the next one!


2 Responses to “Tourist In My Own City: Boyle Heights”

  1. random hero says:

    freaking awesome tour by you and Ana. Nice work

  2. dona junta says:

    Thank you as well for all the info on your behalf!

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