This Sunday’s ” Tips on Tips” workshop was a success! Vyal along with Make and Bash helped demonstrate the usage of every kind of tip/cap and explain the different varieties  of Montana paint. They also taught  techniques such as: highlights, shading and effects. Tip usage was also included on other brands of paint. Every body who attended got a promo pack filled with tips and stickers courtesy of Art Primo and Montana paint.  We got great feedback from everybody who attended they appreciated getting to learn or re-fresh on new tips and painting techniques.

More photos after the jump!

Gotta love the pintura!

Thanks Art Primo and Montana Paints for tips and stickers! along with some Slanguage gadgets.

Make One repping Art Primo

Vyal demonstrating highlights and effects

After everybody got to test out different paint and techniques

Learning early!

Amaya: By Vyal

Thanks again to everyone who supported this workshop. Keep posted to the blog for future events.

Photos taken by Elizabeth Aguilar



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