We cruised the beautiful streets of Wilmington  looking for the perfect location to capture the essence of our hardworking Slanguage team. This week Chris Reynolds took photos of Cristina Velasquez, Danyel M., Raul Vasquez and Alanzo Moreno.

Lovely Cristina Velasquez, our college intern, is proud of her Oaxacan heritage and wanted to incorporate that in her photo-shoot.  She came dressed in a traditional Oaxacan blouse accompanied by two doll figurines symbolic to the Oaxacan people. We shot at the infamous Wilmington Town Square over-looking the magical Don Hotel.


Please take a moment and read Cristina’s new blog called “Soul Sisters.” Her first post is a really good lesson on traditions of Oaxacan culture:  Mi Querida Oaxaca.


Next in line,  the always classy Danyel. The location she chose was the historic Banning Mansion, but we had some location difficulties so we had to cut the shoot short. Lovely photo though.


Raul Vasquez, our  Slanguage performer known as an artist, poet, actor, lyrical assassin, singer and  songwriter, definitely knows what he wants. We started his photo-shoot in front of his childhood apartments on Broad Ave. He reminisced on  memories of trying to jump out his bedroom window to get a hamburger (his mom had grounded him), playing sports in an empty field next door, old neighbors and scribing his name all over the place.

1056 Broad Ave –  get it right!

“Raul 1994″ 16 years ago

We then made our way to Ghost-Town and posted in front of Raul’s compadre’s house.

Sly, Slick and Wicked.

Just a few blocks down, we made our way to the last and final location — the bridge on Pacific Coast Highway. The smell of fried chicken lingered through the  air  reminding me of of the year 1992 when my “Ama” used to still fry chicken for dinner.

Geesh, Raul! Save some spotlight for the rest of the Slangsters!


Last but not least for this session was college intern Alanzo Moreno.  He is is new to the Wilmington area, so we had to take him to experience Wilmington’s  clear blue beaches! Okay maybe not! At first we had some trouble finding the perfect spot at the port *wink,  but we did manage.

I think he has done this  before….hmmm.

That’s a wrap! There might be some other bodies hiding from the camera, so when we find them we shall be back.



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