Slanguage Studio is proud to introduce, Katie Bachler, our fall 2011 green artist-in-residence!  She will be working on an urban gardening project with our Slanguage Teen Arts Council (STAC), developing mobile garden units that will be planted from plants and seeds given to them by local gardeners.

Who: Artist in Residence: Katie Bachler, USC, MA in Art in the Public Realm
This project will be co- facilitated by Slanguage artist Tony Lopez

When: Wednesdays at 5.00pm
Where: Slanguage Studio – 640 N. Avalon Blvd., Wilmington, CA 90744

High school students interested in joining the Slanguage Teen Arts Council must apply. Just send an email to: with the subject Interested in Applying to STAC for more details.




Who doesn’t love a swap meet? the STAC (Slanguage Teen Art Council) does, and these teems are trying to raise money for an amazing fan zine they will create,  so come down and support a good cause! this Saturday, April 2, 2011 at the Slanguage Studio lot.

OR CALL (310)619-4011 or (4240224-2575


Dona Junta

Feb 3-April 9, 2011

9 sessions plus culminating event

Cost: $100

Food Fight: Drawing the history of our food

Slanguage Juniors Drawing Class

Saturdays, 11am-12:30pm

Ages 8-13

Come learn basic skills in drawing while learning about the history of what you eat and today’s fight to grow and eat healthy food! Gain skills by:

  • Drawing with pencil, charcoal, and pastels.
  • Working from objects, still life, and drawing live models!
  • Exploring why people in Mexico and other parts of the world are struggling to grow their native food, like maiz or corn, which our ancestors have grown and eaten for hundreds of years.
  • Learning why these types of foods have been such important parts of our diet and culture and how other foods are affected today!

Materials included in class fee. Prerequisite: Must have interest in art.

STAC, Slanguage Teen Arts Council

Thursdays, 5-7pm

Ages 14-18

Join the Slanguage Teen Arts Council and learn leadership skills through art! Gain great experience for college applications by:

  • working with an arts organization and gaining marketing and production skills
  • meet with other working artists, and arts institutions
  • developing programming including events and exhibits, and community art projects for your own peers and community.

Who should apply?

Creative people who want to gain skills in organizing and art. Whether you’re a photographer, writer, poet, activist, or other artist, if you are interested in gaining experience, and being exposed to the artworld, this is the program for you.

Registration Information

The deadline to register and/or apply is Monday, January 31, 2010. Parents with children under 18, must register them in person. Please visit during open hours M-F 10am-5pm. We accept cash or checks made out to Slanguage or by making a donation on the website via our Paypal service. We will close registration after we have enrolled a maximum of 10 students. There are no refunds.