Slanguage, Watts House Project, and architects Frank Escher + Ravi GuneWardena at opening

If you live in Los Angeles and haven’t made your way to LACMA this summer, make sure to do so this week.  Possible Worlds: Mario Ybarra Jr., Karla Diaz, and Slanguage Studio Select from the Permanent Collections ends September 25!


Possible Worlds connects a residency site in Watts, California with the LACMA collection and campus. In collaboration with LACMA and the Watts House Project, an artist-driven urban revitalization project centered around the historic Watts Towers, Ybarra, Diaz, and Slanguage, the artist’s team of collaborators, participated in a residency at the home of longtime residents of Watts, the Garcia family.

The exhibition component of this residency takes at its point of departure the legacy of Simon Rodia and the impulse to create alternative or possible worlds out of unconventional materials or according to unorthodox impulses. The installation features assemblage, folk art, vernacular graphics, images of the Watts Towers and art from the LACMA collection selected by Ybarra, Diaz, and the Slanguage Studio, as well as a newly commissioned sculpture by Ybarra that connects the public art works done at the Watts residency site with the LACMA campus.

But don’t take our word for it.  Here’s a review of Possible Worlds in the LA Times — and a video of Mario and Karla as featured on Unframed, LACMA’s blog.