Let Them Eat LACMA is a one-day event where several artists and collectives will activate, intervene, and re-imagine the entire museum’s campus and galleries. Peppered with interactive talks, performances, and events, Let them Eat LACMA will expand our perception of art, food, and the museum.

Sing for your supper, come bellyache with us and slake your thirst at Let Them Eat LACMA! For the last “course” of EATLACMA, a year-long investigation of food, art, culture and politics, we’ve assembled over fifty artists and collaborations all focused in different ways on food.

High tea and gluttony, belly listening, parasites, spam, and the world seen from the potato’s perspective! David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young of Fallen Fruit invite artists and the public to reconsider the museum and the very first form of civilization: food, and to examine the most primordial thing that connects us to each other: what, how, and why we eat. Share a bite and nibble and munch your way through a wild menu of installations, performances and interventions throughout the entire museum campus.

See chewing carolers, a tomato fight, and a year’s worth of plates assembled into a mandala that disappears into the crowd! Join us for a watermelon eating contest, hear about the mystery of the knife, fork and spoon, watch Salome seduce her lover through the language of food, sample the food served to prisoners in California jails, and finally, EAT THE MUSEUM itself!

Artists and collectives participating in Let Them Eat LACMA include Karen Atkinson, Animals of Distinction, Gina Badger, Karen Black, Ronee Blakley, Lauren Bon and The Metabolic Studio, John Burtle, Michelle Carr, Robert Crouch, Cloud Eye Control, Didier Hess, Harry Dodge, Jeanne Dunning, Fallen Fruit, Finishing School, Liz Glynn, Jonathan Gold, Veronica Gonzalez, Sean Griffin, Dana Gingras, Liz Hansen, Micol Hebron, Anna Homler, The Infamous Boom Boom!, Islands of L.A. Presents Roots of Compromise, Emily Katrencik, KILLSONIC, Ari Kletzky, John Knuth, Kadet Kuhne, Machine Project, Ann Magnuson, Jorge Martin, Jesse Merlin, Crys Moore, My Barbarian, National Bitter Melon Council, Katie Newcom, Yann Novak, Gina Osterloh, Adam Overton, Owen Driggs, Sun-Yun Park, Phranc, Eva Posey, Miss Barbie-Q., Marco Rios, Jennifer Rubell, Sook Shim, Cindy Short, Susan Simpson, Slanguage, Juliana Snapper, Åsa Sonjasddotter, Squeaky Blonde, Kim Stringfellow, Sublamp, Lisa Teasley, Stephen van Dyck, We Are The World, Michiko Yao, and Bari Zipperstein.

November 7, 2010
11am – 8pm

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