Picture Me! An Introduction to Photography

Taught by artist Ruth Cabral (shown in Self Portrait 2009 on the left), the course will be expose young artists to photographic works of art that explore different kinds of self-expression. Students will take inspiration from their own environment to develop insight into their identity. The artists will create collages, do cyanotype printing that incorporates composition, design their own shoes, and create an awesome self-portrait based on their alter ego. By incorporating the camera, the junior artists will apply visual techniques to communicate their own unique identities in a medium that captures a moment in their lives. The class will be 10 sessions and will close with a class exhibition. All materials are included in class fee.

Class starts this Saturday, April 30th

For 10 Saturdays from 11am-12:30pm

Registration, April 30th, 10-11am

$10 per class, or $100 for 10 sessions

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