SlangFest will be a day of arts, spoken word and music, designed by Slanguage Studio and organized by LAXART Curator Cesar Garcia in Long Beach on June 18th from 2-6pm. The event is sponsored by the Arts Council for Long Beach as part of an event series to help activate underutilized public spaces and will be held at the site of a public art installation called Chantilly Clad, located on the corner of Ocean Blvd.and Lime Ave in Long Beach.  Slanguage founders and three spoken word artists organized by Slanguage Literary Artist In Residence, Mario Davila.
special guests MC Tyson, and the Slanguage Noise Band will perform original works to creatively address the topic of Language and Music.

Throughout the day, DJ Cheebo will spin eclectic Latin sounds while interactive workshops will be offered
on breakdancing and recycled art (drawing, collage, and sculpture) by Slanguage Teen Art Council,
Homeland Cultural Center, and Wilmington Enrichment Community Artist Network (WECAN). The band
YEPA! will take the stage at 5 p.m.

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