In the summer of 2009, Slanguage participated in a residency at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art) in Boston. For the first week  of the Slanguage residency at the ICA, the teens toured  the diverse communities along the Boston harbor with Karla and Mario. Tours were peer-led by teens from MyTown (Multicultural Youth Tour of What’s Now), an organization that trains young people to lead historical tours of Boston. Teens from the ICA brought digital cameras, video recorders and sketchbooks to trace personal and historical narratives, forming the thematic basis of a collaborative installation. For the second half of the week, teens worked in the Digital Studio and Art Lab with the artists, guided by current members and alum of Fast Forward, a video production class for teens at the ICA. Using the tours as a point of departure, students will be encouraged to express their own personal narrative through a variety of media, including sound, sculpture, and photography. The resulting final projects were presented in a culminating installation in the ICA Art Lab, located adjacent to the museum’s main lobby.–ICA-

Rosanna Flouty during tour of the city, ICA Boston



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