It is 2010 and the Slanguage team is busy working on new and exciting projects! Last week we started a series of photo/portrait shoots with each Slanguage member. Resident photographer Chris Reynolds took charge of shooting  photos of  selected “Slangsters” at  different locations around Wilmington. We kicked off the photo shoot with Shonowa Villalobos,  Mario “Dred” Lopez, and myself.  Liz Aguilar, Nathalie Sánchez, and  Cristina Velasquez also helped behind the scenes taking digital shots, hauling equipment, and directing us on poses.  Here is a peek on some of the day’s work….

Chris getting the equipment ready

Book-smart, street-smart

Nathalie Sánchez assisting Chris

Silver….corrugated fences so lovely

Ghost-town alleys in full effect!

Intern Cristina having fun pushing the props down the alley, we also used this carrito to move around all the photo equipment.

Stay tuned to the blog for the rest of the Slanguage  team on their photo shoot extravaganzas!


Doña Junta

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