Here is a look back at a few recent events with Slanguage and our comrades.

Prison Gourmet: Eat at LACMA  was a  great event representing prisoner recipes. Spreads and unique ways of creating prison food is must for prisoners all over the CDCR system and beyond. We wanted to replicate some of the recipes that inmates eat on a daily basis, the exhibition was a success and we even ran out of food!

Karla Diaz and Tony Lopez are preparing “Prison Gourmet” recipes sent into Slanguage by friends and family who are currently serving prison sentences in the California State and Federal Prison Systems. These recipes show a great deal of imagination,resiliance and resistance by the men who sent them in

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Better to Die on My Feet: Self Help Graphics

Piece by Tony Lopez in honor of his grandfather.

Color photographs of a  street memorial over a three year period by Arnold Vargas

The wrecking crew!

Last Thursday San Pedro Art walk went down at the Tree house Galley and Boutique.  All Female art show! the ladies def put it down check it….


Ms. Sand One representing…

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