THURSDAY, SEPT 3, 7–10pm
MOCA Grand Avenue
250 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012
FREE, Cash Bar

For the first event of their three-month Engagement Party residency, Slanguage brings Psychicinema Multiplex, their ongoing series of film screenings, to MOCA. For this iteration, Slanguage will present films in order to respond, in part, to the museum’s landmark 1992 exhibition Helter Skelter: LA Art in the 1990s. In assembling these works and creating a carnival-like environment for viewing them, Slanguage seeks to reexamine the dissonance and dark side of the psyche, Los Angeles, and the art world, pushing those ideas further by addressing Los Angeles’s polarization and presenting visions for its future. Psychicinema Multiplex will be presented in a “multiplex” format that will allow for simultaneous screenings of different films at various locations around the museum’s Grand Avenue campus. Viewers will be invited to discuss the films and their relationship with MOCA’s Helter Skelter exhibition both informally as a group and in formal conversations initiated by Slanguage.

UPDATE from Slanguage:

The event will feature a fortune telling family, telling visitors’ fortunes; an interactive artwork, Artifice Orange, by Slanguage member, Arnold Vargas; and a participatory urban planning exercise, Slang-topia: Rethinking the City, through which artist and urban planner James Rojas will use a medley of recycled materials to assist participants in creating an ideal urban form.

8 Responses to “SLANGUAGE kicks it off with PSYCHICINEMA MULTIPLEX”

  1. Doña Junta says:

    Yay our first post! can’t wait to see how this goes!

  2. BJ Dodge says:

    Slanguage hits the big time! Hallelujah for support of local artists! I’m so there.

  3. Random Hero says:

    sweet I can’t wait to check this out.

  4. Mom Reynolds says:

    Happy birthday! Can’t wait Slanguage….guess leave the yacht club stuff at home? Thanks MOCA

  5. Lucy says:

    wish you guys the very best with Psychicinema!!! the last one at your house was a blast!! this one is on a bigger scale! congrats!!

  6. Chris says:

    So Excited! Can’t wait for tonight! see you all there.


  7. [...] you for all your support last Thursday for Psychicinema Multiplex!!  Until next [...]

  8. Diana Mihailovich says:

    Are you joking…….in LA…..with Disney right/write/rite/writers write there or was I supposed to document, log and disseminate (did I spell that right…I forgot my pen and don’t understands terminology by the way of the ………… are you serious???? Diana Mihailovich

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