The opening reception for ” The Monster Inside Me” was a success. Here are a few photos from that night.

Works by Alonso Garzon:

Samurai costume made from all recycled materials/trash and other items including, plastic buckets, shoelaces, brass ribbits, cloth  and spray-paint.

See the rest of the artist and photos after the jump

LA Warrior  series of 8 posters hand drawn  and colored with illustrator

Below: Fallen Flag made of Canvas and spray-paint

Works by Mario ” Dred” Lopez


Works by Eric Marquez:

Transformers series



Works by Steve De La Torre:

Party Pix



Poetry and spoken word artist expressing their thoughts.



Gaby Perez  and Maya Azteca rocking the house with their words!

Summi the amazing organizer and poet!


Mario and Marc (a life time member and supporter of Slanguage)









Artist Ben Park in the house!









Karla and Anais, daughter of artist Mario Lopez 












LA’s Best Director, Mario Davila in the house!











CAP/CalArts Summer Youth Arts Coordinator and writer

Caribbean Fragoza 










The talented raper/poet-musician Guess! Ckick here for video.

poet/raper Guess









Dub City Tribe break dancers rocking  the studio!


















Remember if you missed the opening reception you can still

come by before June 17, 2010. Please call ahead of time for gallery hours.








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  1. Danyel says:

    The show looks awesome!! Congratulations! And great write-up, Doña!


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