Sarah Castillo was not able to make the trip down to Wilmington for the ” Homegirls” residency, but she is a loved and  active member of Mas Rudas.  Sarah shares an open letter she wrote to Kristin, Mari, Cristina, and Ruth describing a beautiful story of her background and childhood.

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I would like to share what has brought me to you: Kristin, Mari, Cristina, and Ruth.

My grandparents are from Aguascalientes, Tampico, and Uvalde. My grandmother would scare me when she expressed her irritability about the fact that I did not speak Spanish. My mother would remind us, “Go to school and get a good job so that you don’t have to depend on a man to buy your underwear”. My father instilled the phrase, “Don’t assume. Ask questions.” I learned about racism through my father who, within, carries immense unresolved experiences that my mother has only vaguely disclosed .

My mothers name is Esther Carolina Delgado Castillo. Her sisters call her Carrie, Caroline, and to my many many cousins she is Tia Cavi.She is the oldest of 9 children in which she raised. Shes an incredible cook and has an amazing sense of humor. I recognize these attributes as important tools for survival. I see myself in her and I see her in me more and more as I grow older.

My mom and dad are very creative.

As a kid, I wore my parents clothes to school. As I reflect on this I realize it was a form of affection for me, unknowingly, from them. A comfort. But I also rocked the latest Kmart fashions because they had lay-away. Yess. And on a good day it was Montgomery Wards.

I grew up witnessing the degrading and devaluing affects of racism, sexism, the lack of education, and the absence of humanity in the micro social construct….la familia. And when this would occur: the hot, deep, heavy, and hollowing saddening ache in my chest would arise, again.

Nevertheless, my family has some incredibly loving responses considering all the heartache I’ve mentioned. Fishing, eggrolls for Christmas, meatloaf for Thanksgiving……roadtrips to the country, flea markets, conjunto music, tripas con aguacate de maiz, homemade lengua, crawfish, the beach, camping, holiday portraits with the disposable camera.

I am honored to work among four of the most intelligent and fearless woman of my time. I know we can make make our dreams happen. We just put a little spit, sweat, blood, love, and wahlah, its perfect.

Te amo,


Q: Tell me a bit about yourself and your background in the San Antonio art scene?

A: As for my background  in the SA art scene….I’ve mostly been an observer. Refining and discovering my interest as I go along.  I enjoy collecting vintage fabrics, sewing, fashion, portraits, ancient religions, holistic medicine.

Q: How did you get involved with Más Rudas?

A: San Anto Cultural Arts is our link.

Q: What have been the most recent projects for you?

A: I ‘m working on my Bachelors in Art ( I have 7 more classes left!), Ruth and I have been talking about starting the MFA program together at UTSA  in 2011 and I have been offered an amazing opportunity to assist Agosto Cuellar, Designer with a fashion show this year in San Antonio.

Q: Most recent projects for Mas Rudas?

A: We finally have a mission statement.
We just had a show at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts which taught me so much.

Skirt on Mari made by Sarah Castillo

Q: Where do you see Mas Rudas in the future with projects?

A: I’m excited to create more installations with these ladies.

Taking a different approach- creating a space in which the viewer becomes a participant, creating a continuous collaborative mechanism for the life of each installation.
Q: Where do you see yourself in future projects?

A: I’m purchasing an embroidery machine this year.
Designing more clothes.
Drawing more.
Creating more installation based work.
Ayurveda School.

Thank you so much Sarah and the rest of the ladies!

Last nights opening was a success. It was an amazing vibe, great work and good people. We really hope that the ladies received as much energy and creativity as we did from them.

Keep updated to the blog for a re-cap on the ” Homegirls” opening. If you missed the show it will still be up and on display from August 7th-September 1st, 2010.

Contact us for further information


640 N. Avalon Blvd.

Wilmington, CA 90744




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