Two more days till the opening show for the Más Rudas, “Homegirls” installation!

Slanguage wants to also thanks everyone  who was able to make to the panel discussion with the girls last night it was great way for everyone to get to know Más Rudas and their collective.  Tonight don’t forget to drop by tonight for San Pedro Art walk; there will be a welcoming party for Más Rudas,  and art exhibit thrown by Tree-house Gallery and Boutique.

Next on the interview tip lets get to know Kristin Gamez. She is awesome both involved in art and music check it out…

Q: Tell me a bit about yourself and your background in the San Antonio art scene?

A: I was a participant of an inner city youth arts non–profit called San Antonio Youth Yes, SAY SI in high school. I began working with digital art and was introduced to digital video and the use of installation pieces. We would have art shows every First Friday of the month and I gained much exposure to the San Antonio art scene then. However, once I left for the University of Texas I have not been involved with the art scene since 2001. It has only been since my work with the collective that I have returned to the San Antonio art scene.

Q:How did you get involved with Más Rudas?

A: I met Mari Hernandez and she asked if I wanted to be in all female art group and have an art show. We had a meeting and then concreted a few items like being a Chicana art collective and being just five.
Q: I know the concept of the show is ” Homegirls”  what is the meaning of this theme to you?
A: Homegirls for me is a friend that is down with who I am and we together are supportive of each other. A friend that due to our experiences together, is very dear to me.

Q: Being it is your first collective show in Los Angeles what is your goal for this show or feelings on it?
A: I am excited to present a show in the LA area because I understand the community is similar to the SA community, which means it will be like home. I love working with my collective because we do work that is representative or ourselves and our culture growing up in San Antonio. I would hope that this resonates with the LA community.
I also hope to get the Más Ruda collective name and mission in the minds of the LA art scene.

Q: Where do you see MAS RUDAS or yourself in the future with projects?

A: I see us completing youth media/art workshops and completing out of state and in state art exhibitions.

Thank You Kristin for that. There are two more girls that were not able to make it because of obligations , but I still wanted to get their voice on the blog in support of the collective. Stay tuned to the blog  for the  next interview with Sarah Castillo.

For more information on tonight’s event at Tree House Gallery and Boutique please check out Swapmeet Chronicles.



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