One year later the artist collective WECAN (Wilmington Enrichment Community Artist Network) have successfully made their mark in Wilmington. It has definitely been a great year for every single one of these young, and talented artists.  Here at Slanguage we are proud to have WECAN be part of the our Slang-Air residency project.  They are the first artists to exhibit this year and we are truly excited!

SLANGAIR (Artist in Residency)
This is the second exhibition as part of the Slanguage residency program, SLANGAIR (Artist in Residency), which annually invites artists from Wilmington, from California, including one from Los Angeles, a national artist, and an international artist to the studio.  During their time at Slanguage, each artist builds a body of work to show at the studio’s gallery space and may or may not include teaching a workshop and leading a lecture or panel discussion. (Karla Diaz)

It took me one year to get this interview from WECAN, but it was worth the wait!  They have grown and learned so much over the last year that I am excited to hear about all about all their ventures. Lets sit back and check out what the kind folks at WECAN got to say.

How does WECAN feel having come this far one year later

It’s already been a year?! Really though this year went by really fast and we are just feeling extremely grateful and excited to have the opportunity to keep doing exhibitions and events in our community.

Did WECAN accomplish their original goals with the collective

Well the collectives’ initial intention was to organize an artwalk for Wilmington. However, we quickly realized that we needed to start slowly, so we first began by curating art exhibitions in Wilmington. We have yet to organize an art walk, but that will happen naturally through time if we keep going and our community continues to support positive events such as the ones developed by WECAN.

I know WECAN is based out of Wilmington, how was the success of openings in other cities? How did those audiences react to your events?

Upon being approached by venues outside of Wilmington we weren’t too sure how they would be received but we were very pleased that many people from Wilmington would come out to support the show. Oftentimes the venues themselves have their own audience as well who also attend their events so we always had a great turnout. This shows were in downtown Los Angeles.

Has WECAN always made their events open to other artists or was it originally only for artists in the collective?

WECAN has always made their events open to other artists. Oftentimes we would encourage artists within the collective NOT to exhibit their art if it meant that others outside of WECAN could not. However, we give everyone who submits their work an event equal opportunity to show their work.

We’ve seen WECAN grow and succeed over the last year; However, is there anything the collective would do different in the future? What has WECAN learned /gained from their first year?

We have learned so much this year more than we probably realize, but overall we have learned how to compromise and keep perspective on the true meaning behind what we doing.

What is WECAN’s favorite event from 2010?

WECAN’s favorite event would most likely be the October 23, 2010 art exhibition. We had just received word that a venue that we had always shown at was about to change ownership so we thought we may not find another venue in time to have our scheduled exhibition. However, we contacted a local property owner and where able to use their “For Lease” space to have a show. This was the first time that we had a space that truly looked and felt like an art gallery and we were so proud of the artists we were going to show and their work. It was just an amazing show that we were so grateful to have been able to make happen.

If you can predict the future for WECAN what do you envision? What are some ideas or upcoming projects?

WECAN will continue to inspire others to engage through the arts as well as support local artists, musicians and talent.

This year we have a few exhibitions already in the works with the next one at the Phantom Galleries in Long Beach, so stay tuned for that!

Do not miss out this  to come support the WECAN 1 year anniversary show here at the Slanguage Studio.

Featured artists are:

Gabe Razo
Nadia Ramirez
Oscar Duarte

I got a chance to Q and A with a few of the artists and get an inside scoop on their work.


What type of art medium do you work with?

Paint on wood panels, canvas, and found assembled materials.. Mostly acrylics, oils, and collage.. Been using alot of 3-D Mixed Media lately

What is the meaning or concept of your work?

It’s a little bit of everything ranging from Dada, Abstract expressionism, Tribal and Non-Objective designs. It’s a regurgitation of many painting styles and techniques. A free-style mode of creation all done with a Latino flare & twist!

I always considered modern day life along with yesterday’s myths, history and cultures to be the greatest forms of inspiration. They are what I feed from as an artist. The sole reason for being is to find new and thoughtful means of creation, a new way to further that search within myself. To find the spiritual element that lies within everybody, to find it and release it.  -(CHATISMO)

See more of Chatismo and his work at his website

Oscar Duarte

What type of art medium do you work with?

I work with acrylic and oil paints on canvas. I also utilize acrylic medium on some pieces in order to create a textured surface.

For this opening what will you are exhibiting?

For this exhibition I will be showing a portion of my recent paintings.

What is meaning or concept of your work?

As far as meaning in my work, there really is none at all. My work is not geared towards sending any kind of message. Rather, it is an exploration of the infinite possibilities of color and line. For this particular series which will be shown, I attempted to use a limited palette for each piece in order to force out the many variations of each color. At the same time, I also studied line in an architectural manner creating structures that held the colors. It was a very fun project and I am happy to be able to show it to the public.

Once again do not miss this show! Support the positive actions going on in Wilmington.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

640 N. Avalon Blvd
Wilmington, Ca 90744

7 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Music By:



Artist Talk

March, 12 2011

7 -10 p.m.

Contact WECAN on their Face Book page


Doña Junta

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