We are excited that Más Rudas is finally here at Slanguage all the way from San Antonio, Texas! It is also the first time for Más Rudas in  sunny California so we welcome them and really hope they get the most from their time in Los Angeles and the Dub City.
I got a chance to interview these lovely ladies and find out more about their awesome talents and their all female collective. I will be posting their interviews throughout the week they are here.

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First interview is with Mari Hernandez.

Q:  Tell me a bit about yourself and your background in the San Antonio art scene?
What type of Art or Media etc do you work with?

A: I was born and raised here in San Anto, and I have BA in English from the University of Texas at San Antonio. I didn’t study photography in school, so most of what I have learned has been on my own. I got into photography a very long time ago but stopped early on in the development of it. When I first got back into it I concentrated on giving workshops to the youth I worked with. I had been volunteering at a non-profit for about 7 years and the kids of the organization were the perfect participants and audience. I wanted to be a photographer but I needed to do more than take
photos, I needed to make it relevant to my community, I needed to give back. So while I take photos on my personal time, a bigger part of what I do is teaching photography to kids. At the end of 2009 Mas Rudas was formed and we have had 2 shows since then.

Prior to forming Mas Rudas I had one photography show out of a friends living room in September of 2009, that was my introduction into the San Antonio art scene. I didn’t feel that what was classified as the art scene in San Antonio reflected me or my experiences, so I took a step to insert myself into it on my own terms and in my own way.
I never intended to become classified as an artist, it’s funny how things develop and evolve.

Q: How did you get involved with Más Rudas?

A: Without trying to sound like I was solely responsible, because the idea evolved over conversations with friends, I started the collective. I asked each lady to be a part of it. Initially we were gonna have a group show, and then we evolved into the collective.  We’ve been loving friends and bickering siblings ever since, and I love them with all my heart.

Q: I know the concept of the show is ” Homegirls”  what is the meaning of this theme to you?

A: The theme has a lot of cultural and personal value. It’s a way of exploring our relationships with each other but also explores how the image of the homegirl has changed over time. Your homegirl may come with certain standards and may have commonalities but our perceptions of what she is like today is different than what she may have been 10 years ago. I think it’s a theme that is easily relatable, to males and females. If you Google the term the images that pop up relate to each other in some way or another, there are common themes, and I wanted to show my perspective and opinion of what my homegirl means to me.

Q:  Being it is your first collective show in Los Angeles what is your goal for this show or feelings on it?

A: I’m scared, nervous, stressed and more excited than I can handle. This is a really big deal for us, and for the most part I am thinking of how the audience will relate.
I’ve never even been to California. I hope to produce a show that is more than aesthetically pleasing, I hope for it to serve as a connection between communities and people that
may have never meet.

Q:  Where do you see Más Rudas or yourself in the future with projects?

A: I see the collective flourishing and staying true to our beliefs and opinions. We are down to earth ladies, and we are very proud of where we come from, and I’d like to collaborate with gente just like us. I would like to attend photography school some time in the near future but I’m waiting on the lottery for that.

Thanks you so much Mari!

Check out more of Mari Hernandez and her work on her blog ” My Chutter”

More information about the show and press release

by: Karla Diaz


Artist Collective Second Residency Exhibition

Featuring works by: Ruth Buentello, Sarah Castillo, Kristin Gamez,

Mari Hernandez and Cristina Ordoñez

Reception Opening: August 7th, 2010 from 7-10pm

Exhibition: August 7th-September 1st, 2010

Wilmington Homegirls is the resulting exhibition of a one-week residency at Slanguage by the Chicana collective from San Antonio Texas, Mas Rudas who will be on residency at Slanguage from August 1st-September 8th. The exhibition will be a large-scale installation that will examine and reflect on the complex sister-hood relationships that the term Homegirls refers to between and among women. As part of their residency, Mas Rudas collective will lead a panel discussion and an educational workshop with Slanguage’s youth.

SLANGAIR (Artist in Residency)

This is the second exhibition as part of the Slanguage residency program, SLANGAIR (Artist in Residency), which annually invites artists from Wilmington, from California, including one from Los Angeles, a national artist, and an international artist to the studio.  During their time at Slanguage, each artist builds a body of work to show at the studio’s gallery space and may or may not include teaching a workshop and leading a lecture or panel discussion.

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    • hello – i was recently directed to this site – i am a female tattoo artist who lives in ny now but grew up in san antonio texas(where all my family still lives). i tattooed a woman yesterday and we spent the whole time talking about texmex life,she lead me to your site. i currently have an exhibit up at p.j.exhibitions that revolves around chiapas crosses.i just wanted to say all of the work im seeing from this group of female artist has really been inspiring. so happy to find this website and feel a sense of home. if any of you ever make your way to ny and want a tattoo,im here for you. sincerely, stephanie tamez

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