Karla Diaz/ Slanguage

Slanguage Presents


Artist Collective Second Residency Exhibition

Featuring works by: Ruth Buentello, Sarah Castillo, Kristin Gamez,

Mari Hernandez and Cristina Ordoñez

Reception Opening: August 7th, 2010 from 7-10pm

Exhibition: August 7th-September 1st, 2010

Wilmington Homegirls is the resulting exhibition of a one-week residency at Slanguage by the Chicana collective from San Antonio Texas, Mas Rudas who will be on residency at Slanguage from August 1st-September 8th. The exhibition will be a large-scale installation that will examine and reflect on the complex sister-hood relationships that the term Homegirls refers to between and among women. As part of their residency, Mas Rudas collective will lead a panel discussion and an educational workshop with Slanguage’s youth.

SLANGAIR (Artist in Residency)

This is the second exhibition as part of the Slanguage residency program, SLANGAIR (Artist in Residency), which annually invites artists from Wilmington, from California, including one from Los Angeles, a national artist, and an international artist to the studio.  During their time at Slanguage, each artist builds a body of work to show at the studio’s gallery space and may or may not include teaching a workshop and leading a lecture or panel discussion.

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