Slanguage has been working hard on growing as an organization. Part of that is the belief that we need to keep learning new skills, and refining our art practice. In 2009, we wanted to learn how to paint and customize our shoes. We asked Ron Lodevico who runs Loded, a custom shoe shop in Carson, to help us do that. Slanguage members all had fun participating in the workshop. The shoes we made all were exhibited in the show Laced Soles at the Harbor Town Barbershop in San Pedro.

3 Responses to “Custom Sneaker and Shoe Workshop 2009”

  1. shonowa celine villalobos says:

    preeetyy sweet boots karla! <3

  2. i wants to join the class and to learning the base of the sneaker

  3. i like to design a footwear collection

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