MAMx Presents Slanguage: Chicos Pero Locos at LA><ART

MAMx provides an opportunity for MAM to broaden its curatorial, artistic & educational reach. Its inaugural exhibition is Slanguage: Chicos Pero Locos. Slanguage: Chicos Pero Locos opens in W Hollywood then makes its way to San Antonio (dates TBA). Los Angeles-based internationally-known artist-run collective Slanguage Studio honors California-based artists in Chicos Pero Locos which plays with the traditional meaning of this colloquial Spanish phrase valuing artistic quality over quantity. In true with their nature, & emphasizing the value of marginalized narratives, small independent artists & collectives, Slanguage artists chose to use a variety of mediums to explore their individual practice. A multi-faceted, diverse age group of artists made up of senior artists & younger generations of art students, they touch upon issues of identity, the urban environment & personal histories.

Chicos Pero Locos Artists: Valerie J. Bower, Karla Diaz, Mickey Lee Everett, Daniel Gibson, Cynthia Lujan, Monica A. Martinez, Felix F. Quintana, Gloria Sanchez, Marlene Tafoya, Eris De La Torre & Mario Ybarra Jr.. Chicos Pero Locos will exhibit from June 4-July 9 in W Hollywood then travel to San Antonio (dates TBA). Artwork will be on sale & proceeds benefit the artists, MINI ART MUSEUM & Slanguage Studio.

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