Video Review:
I am Derek Prado and I have watched, and analyzed the 3 following videos: In Thought, Total Babez and Que Planeta Tan Feroz. In Thought, by Francisco Mojica: The video starts off with a young adult male sitting on the chair with a cigar on his right hand and a spotlight on him. The video then had a computer generated voice that questions why it should feel happy or not, and if it would need to take medication to be happy. The video repeats the same script, yet it feels as though the male is constantly staring at the viewer emotionless instead of it as a loop. It is very ominous the more time passes and yet peaceful till the male then fades away.2. Total Babez, By Jeannette Viveros: This video is all script and the viewer would have to engage with the video by reading what the script says, but it is more effective to read it in the viewers thoughts because once the viewer does the video will impact the viewer. The video starts with a story of a few roommates being introduced, then the story has a change of tone to being about a woman that was visiting the doctor and it did not goes as planned as he thought. While the characters in the story are read to be shocked or concerned so does the viewer as if they were there. Also the viewer would imagine the whole scenario in their mind and see the scenario play out as they read it. It is very interesting how it grabs the viewer and makes the menage with the video rather than just watching it.3. Que Planeta Tan Feroz, By Romana Vera: The video mainly has a woman going through her nightly routine of showering, changing, and going to bed,and the video shows different perspectives of the room while the room has a video projection of nature on the walls and furniture. This has a strong impact due to how the vibe of the woman’s nightly routine is simple juxtaposition of the nature video being played out that shows how powerful and amazing nature is in comparison. The video clearly shows the difference of an indoor vibe and the outdoor vibe that makes the viewer observe the nature of the video than where that nature is being shown in.

WED | JULY 25 | 7–8:30PM | LAXART

Slanguage presents the second installment of the Artists Anonymous series during This is a Takeover! A 10 Year Survey of Slanguage, the current exhibition at LAXART for Made In L.A. 2012. This meeting led by artists Christopher Reynolds and Christina Sanchez will attempt to tackle issues of food politics through the language of art. Along with artist presentations and in-depth conversations over food, participants will be given the opportunity to share their thoughts, questions, and concerns for this ever-present topic within the current contemporary art discourse.

Artist presentations: Christopher Reynolds, Christina Sanchez, & Sarah Beadle

Special Guest: Mariana Huerta (Policy Coordinator) of the Restaurant Opportunities Center of Los Angeles

Images: (left) Christopher Reynolds, Conversation Proposal , 2011
(right) Christina Sanchez, Break/Pausa: Two Performance Scores, 2012


Please join us to celebrate Slanguage’s 10-year anniversary at LAXART this weekend! There will be a free art exhibition tour by Slanguage artists, an art workshop, and food at LAXART from 11am – 2:30pm.
If transportation is needed, a bus will pick up community members this Saturday, July 21 between 9:30-10:15am at the studio and it will return by 3pm. IMPORTANT: Please RSVP to Karla Diaz at by this Friday as there is limited bus seating.
Many thanks to the LA City Council District 15, Joe Buscaino, and Adrian Veliz for all their support!
TO VOTE: Bring your CA or school ID. Also, you need an email address. We can help with this if you don’t, but it’ll be helpful if you do.
See you there!

Slanguage Welcomes PHD candidate, Historian, Curator Xochitl Alejandra Munguia from Mexico City who has been in residency at Slanguage Studio,helping to archive, research and document the work of Slanguage . She will be in residency until the beginnining of next year. More information on her,  her written articles and links soon to come!

In September, Museo de Antioquia of Columbia invited Slanguage to participate in Encuentro Internacional de Medellin (MDE11). With the curatorial theme of “Teaching and Learning: Places of Knowledge in Art,” Slanguage took residency at the Cultural Development Center of Moravia to show what we do best! This included leading a series of workshops for the students of the Cultural Center. Here are a couple of photos:

Please click here for more images courtesy of Museo de Antiquia.

SlangAir 2011 artists from Puerto Rico

Christopher Rivera and Radames “Juni” Figueroa

will be in residency  and do an exhibition titled, “War Spectacle: The Last Paradise “

Saturday April 23, 2011

Panel Discussion: 5-7pm

Opening Reception:  7pm-10pm

According to the artists, the show examines the underground music Scene (punk, garage, post-punk, hiphop, goth, etc.) has been characterized as a space where multiple aspects of artistic innovation are explored. Starting in the 60’s, it’s history is multi-generational, and although it has undergone a great deal of transformations it is today, still, extremely active. Design, music, performance, propaganda, meeting space and attire are a few of the aspects that compose the Scene’s alternative social network and visual culture.  Christopher and Juni  met inside the  music Scene as a parting point for this project. Their project proposal consists in producing a small, underground, musical event based on LA’s Scene.  Click here to view a video of an interview with Christopher about a recent project.

Below Radames “Juni” Figueroa at work. YouTube Preview Image

Join the rest of us at the Central Los Angeles Public Library tomorrow evening for “Sun, Stone, and Shadows – The Next Generation", an activity of The Big Read 2009/10 Program.
Karla Diaz will be participating in a panel discussion, moderated by Sesshu J. Foster, about mid-career and emerging writers who are influenced and inspired by Latin American authors found in Sun, Stone, and Shadows: 20 Great Mexican Short Stories, such as Juan Rulfo, Octavio Paz, Rosario Castellanos, and Carlos Fuentes.
Sun, Stone, and Shadows – The Next Generation
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 at 7:30 pm
Central Los Angeles Public Library
Mark Taper Auditorium