Slanguage  members have started a historical touring component of Los Angeles. Interested in history and stories, Slanguage members are on an archeological  road to digging  historical parts of our own loved city. Once a month, on a sunday, we meet to tour a different part of the city of Los Angeles. Sunday June  6th, 2010  was the first.  Slanguage members met at the famous Belmont Shore Apartments built where the Graffiti yard “Belmont” and once a train yard for the city in the 1940′s used to be. We  then headed to the  historical part of Pico Union founded in 1781, which is the neighborhood that surrounds the intersection of Pico Boulevard and Union Ave. We started our tour at the Pico Union Library and toured a couple of historical houses and churches including the Alvarado Terrace area which was the site of the city’s first round golf course in 1897. Along the way we found more than the beauty of the old, decaying architecture. We found virgin Mary’s on roofs, trees, backyards and a couple of kid’s toys, mops hanging on tree limps, disposed shopping carts, make-shift vendor carts, and recycled auto parts. Come and join us next month as we explore East Los Angeles along the Gold Metro Line on Sunday July 11, 2010!

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