2013 was a busy year for Slanguage and Third World Creative Studio. Mario Ybarra Jr., Karla Diaz, and the Slanguage team worked hard to make things happen throughout the year. In addition, changes occurred in 2013  with Slanguage Studio closing its doors after 12 years in the  community of Wilmington. With creativity it was just time to  move on to the next chapter with Third World Creative Studio. The idea of Third World Creative for or Mario Ybarra Jr., and Karla Diaz  was to expand into a bigger space and focus on a different idea and vision. This blog series will re-cap all the projects Slangauge and Third World produced along with interviews and media for the first part of the year.

January 2013

Double Feature, Honor Fraser Gallery

First gallery exhibition in Los Angeles for Mario Ybarra Jr. after six years


Snippet from Honor Fraser Press Release

Honor Fraser is pleased to present Double Feature, a solo exhibition by Wilmington, California based artist Mario Ybarra Jr. This is his first exhibition with the gallery.

Over the past decade, Ybarra has developed a practice centered around storytelling. With an eye and ear for the elements of an engaging narrative, accompanied by healthy doses of wit, Ybarra crafts portraits of people, places and communities that are resonant and universal while rooted in the specific. Using the objects and materials that he finds around him and his subjects, he translates personal stories into resonant and multilayered installations that seamlessly blend the languages of art and life. Often, the installations relate the overlooked or unacknowledged; particularly, the lives and dreams of his family, childhood friends, and colorful personalities that make up his community. He makes connections to these local tales for global audiences far from Wilmington, often by relating these individual stories refracted through lenses such as mass media and popular culture… Read more

Release of, Engagement Party: Social Practice at MOCA 2008-2012 Book

Raul Vasquez, Karla Diaz and Mario Ybarra Jr. after book release

February 2013

Project that Mario Ybarra Jr.  and Karla Diaz did in Turin making front page of the newspaper in Italy. See video here

“Like a Cow Visiting a Butcher Shop”… ARCO, Madrid, Spain

…like a cow visiting a butchershop… transforms a contemporary art fair booth into an old-fashioned meat market. Inspired by Victorian-era toy butcher shops, miniature play sets reproducing stores and their wares for children’s amusement, Ybarra Jr. returns the model market to a fanciful life-size version in which the cuts of meat are the art for sale. This stage set for the business of the fair wryly highlights the artist’s vulnerable position as a creator of a commodity in the retail stream that is the international art exposition. Absolute Arts


News in Madrid, Spain interviews Mario Ybarra Jr.

Feature in all Madrid newspapers

Crew photo during production by Lakey Green

March 2014

The Tio Collection Catalog Launch Party

The Tio Collection, was a 2012 exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santa Barbra.

“The exhibition, Mario Ybarra Jr.: The Tío Collection, is a museological tribute to the artist’s family (tío means uncle in Spanish), featuring objects and artifacts collected by Ybarra Jr.’s five paternal uncles, one maternal uncle, and several uncles-in-law”….Read the rest here

August 2013

Creative Time Reports

Creative Time reports were a series of instructional episodes called, “Actions Speak Louder Than Talk: Superheroes” is the first instructional episode in a year-long, youth-driven art initiative meant to engage bilingual students and teachers in cross-border conversations about identity, community and action. The videos have been used by eight high schools in El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico as catalysts for dialogue about the violence that has ruptured both border towns as a result of the drug-cartel violence. The title of the project is taken from a fortune cookie, which, in its clumsy translation, addresses what is lost and what is found in the gap between cultures, languages and places.


Check out the rest of the episodes on Creative Time Reports


Check back for part 2 for Slanguage  2013 year in review!



Doña Junta


Photos: Aperture Priority and Mario Ybarra Jr.

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