It’s been quiet at the studio lately, although that doesn’t mean we’re any less busy!

One  reason — Mario Ybarra, Jr. has been in residency at Sigrid’s Space (Gellerup, Denmark) since October. Every year, Sigrid’s Space selects four international artists to work in-house on a project that brings together social and inclusive aspects of his/her art practice. This fall, Mario brings The Drawing Club to Denmark and leads weekly workshops and conversations about one of our favorite things to do. We miss you, Mario!

To see The Drawing Club in action, please check out their Facebook page here.

Lastly, don’t forget! Our SlangAIR residency featuring What the Palm Tree Knows opens tomorrow night at Slanguage. Just click here for details!

Slanguage Welcomes PHD candidate, Historian, Curator Xochitl Alejandra Munguia from Mexico City who has been in residency at Slanguage Studio,helping to archive, research and document the work of Slanguage . She will be in residency until the beginnining of next year. More information on her,  her written articles and links soon to come!