One year later the artist collective WECAN (Wilmington Enrichment Community Artist Network) have successfully made their mark in Wilmington. It has definitely been a great year for every single one of these young, and talented artists.  Here at Slanguage we are proud to have WECAN be part of the our Slang-Air residency project.  They are the first artists to exhibit this year and we are truly excited!

SLANGAIR (Artist in Residency)
This is the second exhibition as part of the Slanguage residency program, SLANGAIR (Artist in Residency), which annually invites artists from Wilmington, from California, including one from Los Angeles, a national artist, and an international artist to the studio.  During their time at Slanguage, each artist builds a body of work to show at the studio’s gallery space and may or may not include teaching a workshop and leading a lecture or panel discussion. (Karla Diaz)

It took me one year to get this interview from WECAN, but it was worth the wait!  They have grown and learned so much over the last year that I am excited to hear about all about all their ventures. Lets sit back and check out what the kind folks at WECAN got to say.

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Here are some photos of Co-founder Mario Ybarra Jr.’s art exhibition, “Wilmington Good” showcasing a multi-media installation of paintings, cranes and photos representing Wilmington in Milan Italy at the prestigious Cardi Black Box gallery opening Feb 24th, 2010. Best of Luck Mario! Thanks to Slanguage Crew that help make this to Tony Lopez and

Eric Marquez!

The WECAN 1 yr. anniversary show opens in just a little over a week on Saturday, February 26th at 7pm. Residents and artists have been coming into Slanguage in the last week to work on window artwork to announce the show, and on limited edition posters that will be available for sale during the opening.

The Police and Thieves show curated by Slanguage founders Karla Diaz and Mario Ybarra Jr. opened this Sunday, February 13th at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago. The exhibit features local L.A. artists, including Arnoldo Vargas, whose work is shown here, and other artists working in different mediums to explore the relationship between criminals and those who enforce laws against them, the police. Karla and Mario will be curators in residence at the museum between March 19-26th. You can read more about the exhibit and the Hyde Park Art Center at their site:

Teo Veliz, a member of the Slanguage Juniors Drawing Class, could be the world’s youngest art collector. Teo started collecting paintings and drawings at age 8, and is now 10 years old. When asked why he started collecting, he responds that a colorful painting caught his eye and he decided to buy it. He continues to choose new pieces based on what he likes. Collecting also spurred the idea to encourage Slanguage to start a drawing class for kids his age. Thanks Teo! His most recent acquisition is a painting called High Five by Mario Lopez, A.K.A. Dred, who recently showed in the Slanguage Gallery.

We are excited to have the Wilmington Enrichment Community Artists Network, WECAN in residence here at Slanguage. Please check out the flyer for details on the opening art exhibition and other events. Invite your friends!