Summer is finally over however,who would think it is with this crazy heat we have been having in Los Angeles.  We are melting at the studio trying to get work done for exciting future projects.  With everyone being so busy we lagged it on the blog posts (our apologies) but hey it don’t mean we are just sitting on the couch at home eating a Montoya’s burrito (so good). Being creative takes up time!

September was exciting for us starting with the opening of Angelica Muro’s residency show: ” Packing Heat.” The show was a nice turnout and we are excited that we sold a few of her pieces! Here is a re-cap check it out….

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Our first animation

Bay Area  based artist Angelica Muro will be our third artist invited for our Slangair artist residency. She will be opening up her show, ” Packing Heat” this Saturday, September 11, 2010.  Check out an interview with Angelica regarding her art and how she blends in powerful messages regarding women and their exposure and influences in media.

“Packing Heat” is a response to female representations in the media, specifically representations of the femme fatale in Mexican cinema, and how those images play into postmodern notions of gender identity and feminist theory… Angelica

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