For the second intervention of their three-month residency as part of MOCA’s Engagement Party program, Slanguage will present Dislexicon: A Word Performance. The term “Dislexicon” combines “dyslexia,” a learning disorder marked by an impaired capacity to interpret spatial relationships, often resulting in severe reading disabilities, with “lexicon,” an inventory of meaningful units in a language. True to its name, Slanguage, a portmanteau itself, will explore the idea of a visual lexicon and its poetics in relationship to text, spoken-word performances, music, and video, turning away from written word in favor of spoken (s)language. Through humor, poetry, text, video, and music, Dislexicon: A Word Performance will examine the many facets of growing up in Los Angeles, metaphorically traversing the urban landscape to mine both its comedic and tragic elements. The performance will feature poetic works by Slanguage members Karla Diaz and Raul “Spew” Vasquez.

Enjoy these images from Slanguage’s first Engagement Party event, and add your own pics here.

Dress your children in pastels…




There are many different projects Slanguage team members work on behind the scenes daily.  The creative heads at Slanguage are always on the move multitasking.  The latest works include painting, set building, and costume designing/making for the upcoming Dislexicon performance. Here is a sneak peek at some members at work.


Awesome refinery back drop in progress by Marcus

More photos after the jump

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Slanguage in tent

We wanted to thank everyone for making Psychicinema Multiplex a wild success!!  We laughed, we cried, we had our cards read while checking out everyone’s favorite made for TV movie, Helter Skelter.  Check it!  And remember, round two of Engagement Party will be hitting MOCA October 1st — Dyslexicon. Stay tuned for the details…


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There was PsychicinemaPsychicinema began with a complete DIY approach screening films in the backyard of the Slanguage co-founders’ home, an old psychic house.  Of course, we really played up the psychic aspect.  Take a look and gaze into my crystal ball…

psychic 2Go on, tell me more!

Learning about the past, present, and future…

IMG_0824We mean business over here.

IMG_0918You say Psychicinema, we say snacks.

psychic 1The gang’s all here.


Thank you for all your support last Thursday with Psychicinema Multiplex!!  Until next time…


Magic, creativity, ideas, history, and new concepts were the goals for the Slanguage crew’s trip to Disneyland, but of course, letting out the inner child and having a fun filled time was a must at the happiest place on earth!


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